Motorbiking is your passion Ridingreviews can help whether it is what bike to choose or what protective gear you need we are here to help

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The Brands We Reviewed

Before you buy why not take a minute to see our reviews


So you are considering getting a Zontes before you do you want to know what you get for your money at riding reviews we have reviewed several of the Zontes range so get informed before you buy 


Yamasaki is primarily a 50cc motorbike importer if you are looking for a bike at 16 or are waiting to ride a bike on your car license why not check out Ridingreviews reviews on the Yamasaki range 


BluRoc motorcycles primarily bring retro-style motorcycles like the hero 50/125 and the hunter so for you if it's all about the style why not take a look at our reviews of BluRoc motorcycles models and see what RidingReviews think before you buy 


MGB Moto is a new brand in the UK MGB found a gap in the market for a budget range of motorbikes and scooters so if the price is a big factor why not take a look at their range we did you can see what Ridingreviews Think


If you have ever looked at Chinese motorcycles you would have seen Lexmoto They are the biggest importer of Chinese motorbikes in the UK so guess what RidingReviews Have taken the guesswork out and reviewed most of them to help you find the right bike for you 

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You have heard of Benelli Keeway is its cheaper cousin they are made in the Benelli factory so you know they are going to be well made but RidingReviews have looked at their whole range so before you buy take a look at what we have to say about there range 

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WK Motorcycles primarily do retro 50cc and 125cc motorbikes they also bring in UM-Motorcycles and Quadzilla at Ridingreview we were the first to Review most of their bike on youtube so why not check them out before you chose what bike you want to buy 

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Motorini are part of the Clements Moto group they bring in Zontes Fantic and Motorini into the UK Motorini is the cheapest of their range RidingReviews have reviewed a wide range of what Motorini has to offer so see what we think before you decide on what bike you want 


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Lexmoto LXR 125 SE.png

Lexmoto LXR 125 SE looks like a Yamaha r3 stings like a 125

Lexmoto LXR 125 SE looks like a Yamaha r3 stings like a 125 today's review is on the Lexmoto LXR SE 125CC this is a 125cc sports bike made by Lexmoto to compete with the Aprilia 125cc

clutch repair.png

How to repair or replace your clutch on a 50cc pit bike or motorbike

how to repair or replace your clutch on a 50cc pit bike or motorbike in this video i will show you how to replace or repair a clutch on a Honda derived 50cc engine you can find these engines in pit bikes and 50cc geared mopeds

Zontes mantis 125cc test ride.png

Zontes Mantis 125cc Test ride

In this video I will be doing a test ride on the Zontes mantis 125cc